WonderDay – the Day of Wonders at Mogosoaia Palace! Asaf Avidan, for the first time in Romania!

Once upon a time, there was a land of fairies and historical tales where the harmonious sounds of music blended with the energy of an astonishing crowd, giving birth to a fabous live story – WonderDay! Organized by Amphitrion, WonderDay is a concept-event which will take place on June 29th at Mogosoaia Palace, near Bucharest, and will present, for the first time in Romania, a solo acoustic concert by Asaf Avidan!

During the last Sunday of June, the domain of Mogosoaia will be surrounded by the beauty and uniqueness of the first concept event in Romania – WonderDay. The event will present live concerts and original artistic productions set in an authentic set-up surrounded by amazing decor, spectacular light installations and fantastical elements which will all come to life for the day! The unique experience set in the land of untold stories and pure magic will be a mix of arts and multi-sensory adventures which will embrace each and every spectator, creating unforgettable memories.

Considered a musical revelation, the artist who „took Europe by storm” and well known around the world for his number one hit, “One Day”, Asaf Avidan is the first act confirmed in the day’s line-up, with a solo acoustic performance. His mesmerizing voice has drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Janis Joplin, the critics in the entire world calling him “a new Messiah” (Rolling Stone Mexico), as well as “a hoarse angel” or a “force of nature”. His heartfelt lyrics blended with raw folk, blues and rock sounds have captured the hearts of a fervent audience, with a long list of admirers which includes the likes of Ben Harper and Robert Plant – both of whom he has shared the stage with.

Organized by Amphitrion, WonderDay is a premiere for Romania –  the experience, the story, and the enchanting dream will become reality for a day and an event conceived for each and every one of us. More news and  information regarding tickets will be made available in the following days.