Latest technology used in the original production of Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival

Toy StoryThe original production of Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival uses state-of-the art video technology to help transport audiences through a magical journey as they watch some of their most beloved Disney characters perform on stage.  “Everywhere around us we’ve seen unbelievable and rapid changes in technology and animation, and live entertainment is no exception.  Every year our live productions find new ways to embrace these technologies to add to the storytelling and magical experiences we create,”stated producer Kenneth Feld. This new mega-production of Disney Live!  will arrive with an exceptional performance at Sala Palatului for the Romanian public between April 22 to 26, 2015.

Instead of using traditional theatre backdrops, Mickey’s Music Festival takes set backgrounds to the next level by using live-action video projection to set each scene.  This virtual scenery moves throughout the entire show, which allows the Disney characters on stage to interact with the projected animations. “The imagination and creativity coupled with technical expertise gives the audience the feeling that they are almost in the animation, that they are almost physically part of  the show.  To me that’s really exciting,” mentioned Wes Bernick – Multimedia Designer. 

AladdinRick Papineau, the production designer of Mickey’s Music Festival collaborates with the show’s creative team to bring their vision to life. He handles anything that visually enhances the show, including the design and technical aspects of the stage sets, props, scenic curtains and special effects. The favourite set piece he designed for the show is undoubtedly the transforming stage. One of best features of this stage unit is that it can expand, contract and snap into place. Papineau is also responsible for choosing the colour palette for the show.  This Disney Live! production features locations from various Disney stories, from Ariel’s underwater kingdom to the desert of Aladdin to other fairytale worlds, with the colour palette reflecting each location the show visits. This certainly brings a different mood to each scene.

As the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences, Feld Entertainment constantly invests in innovation, technology and design for their live productions. More than 30 million people attend Feld Entertainment productions each year in more than 75 countries on six continents with as many as 5000 shows each year. The meaningful result for the Disney Live! tours is: Creating lifelong memories.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival comes for the first time to Bucharest between April 22 to 26, 2015 at Sala Palatului.

Tickets are available in Diverta stores network, Muzica store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore, Eventim network or online, on  and,  with prices starting from 75 lei.

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