Get ready to ,,ROCK THE MOUSE’’ in Mickey’s Music Festival, a Disney Live! show of great proportions

Mickey&MinnieMickey’s Music Festival
will be for many children their first Disney live show experience and also an opportunity to have fun, to applaud, to dance and enjoy the rhythms of wonderful music in a family-friendly atmosphere. The new production of Disney Live! – Mickey’s Music Festival brings to audiences a show full of up-tempo music, rousing dance numbers, glitzy costumes, dynamic lighting and more than 25 Disney stars including the beloved character…Mickey Mouse! The event, produced by Feld Entertainment and organized by Amphitrion, invites the Romanian audience at Sala Palatului between April 22 to 26, 2015.

One song can touch millions of people around the world and Disney has been at the heart of this concept for years by making music a main ingredient of storytelling. Stan Beard, the music director of the show, has a broad mix of experience with different musical celebrities, ranging from Bob Hope and Barry Manilow to Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra. With Mickey’s Music Festival, Stan Beard manages to mix in the excitement of rock n’ roll and jazz with well-loved Disney hits. “Music is such a unifying force,” said Kenneth Feld, the producer of the show “No matter what style you listen to, it can make you happy, make you dance, or tap into a lot of wonderful memories. Disney has always been in touch with this, which I think is why years later we are still singing along with Mickey Mouse and his friends.”

“There are so many great songs from Disney and in Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, we put a different spin on them and gave some a more contemporary feel, the classic songs being remixed in rhythms of rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, country, reggae and much, much more… but still keeping the song recognizable to children and parents”, said Alana Feld – producer.

Get ready to ,,Rock the Mouse’’ at Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival for 5 days at Sala Palatului . The performances will take place between April 22 to 26, 2015, as follows: Wednesday (April 22) 7 p.m, Thursday (April 23) 7 p.m., Friday (April 24) 7 p.m., Saturday (April 25) 11 a.m., Sunday (April 26) 11 a.m.

The tickets are available in Diverta stores network, Muzica store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore or online, on,with prices starting from 75 lei.

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