Over 100 costumes tailor-made for the newest Disney Live! production Mickey’s Music Festival!

FacebookThe costume designer Cynthia Nordstrom, finalist at the International Young Couture Design competition in Paris and one of the youngest designers for Walt Disney World, created for the newest Disney Live! production over 100 spectacular costumes. The designer took the iconic costumes of the classic Disney characters and gave them a hip, urban twist to match the dynamic style of Mickey’s Music Festival. After an impressive tour in Canada, United States and France, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival comes in premiere to Bucharest between April 22 to 26, 2015, at Sala Palatului.

The designer Cynthia Nordstrom, along with her team of 45 people used almost 320 meters of fabric to create over 100 costumes for the show. The costumes are meant to be energetic and colorful in a way that works with the contemporary rock and roll concert style that Mickey Mouse and his friends have. Combining stark color contrasts and adding touches like leather jackets, vests, and boots, Cynthia combines the classic recognizable wardrobes of the stars with a contemporary urban flair. Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s opening costumes have denims mixed with metallics and their signature colors were also the inspiration for the modern plaid fabrics created for their back up dancers.

Cynthia Nordstrom, highly appreciated for her creations, she designed for Disney World costumes for more than 15 original dance shows, working on many theme park productions as well.  Using her creativity and imagination, she was the costume designer for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® productions, for the musical stage show “Tarzan Rocks,” the Happy Harmony Parade at Universal Studios in Japan, the production of “Peter Pan” and for the colourful production, Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is an exceptional show with fairytale costumes,  a magic world of childhood, but contemporary in the same time, staged by the designer Cynthia Nordstrom. The performances will take place between April 22 to 26, 2015, at Sala Palatului as follows: Wednesday (April 22) 7 p.m, Thursday (April 23) 7 p.m., Friday (April 24) 7 p.m., Saturday (April 25) 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., Sunday (April 26) 11 a.m.

The tickets are available in Diverta stores network, Muzica store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore or online, on  www.myticket.ro,with prices starting from 75 lei.

VIDEO Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEiIGZWUKXA