All-New Stage Show, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, Coming to Bucharest!

IMG-Mickey`s Music Festival(2)Mickey Mouse and his band of friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are coming to Romania in Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, a new show of mega proportions at Sala Palatului. Concert goers will hear greatest hits from the blockbuster Disney movies, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and DisneyPixar’s Toy Story remixed to rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and country, among other jams, originally performed by some of the most loved Disney characters. Produced by Feld Entertainment and organized by Amphitrion, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival will debut on 22nd of April and will run through 26th of April for five shows at Sala Palatului in Bucharest and it aims to be one of the biggest concert experiences to hit live family entertainment.

“One song can touch millions of people around the world and Disney has been at the beat of this concept for years by making music a main ingredient of storytelling,” said Producer and CEO of Feld Entertainment Kenneth Feld. “In Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival we are celebrating with the Disney characters to a soundtrack of the latest sounds and chart-topping hits. We want our guests to walk away with lasting memories and singing these unforgettable melodies long after they leave the show.”IMG-Mickey`s Music Festival(1)

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, featuring an all star line-up of more than 25 Disney characters, stars of the most loved Disney blockbusters. The show begins with audiences watching a state-of-the-art video projection of the frenzy backstage which spills onto the stage as Mickey Mouse welcomes guests to his concert tour. Soon thereafter, they will be transported to a new world of hip hop beats, dizzying acrobatics, flying carpets and magical transformations with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie.  Underwater is where the crowd will meet up with Ariel, Sebastian and their nautical pals to groove to the reggae rhythm. And, family and friends will stomp to the beat as Woody, Buzz and Jessie teach them how to boogie rodeo-style. Audiences will also be able to interact with the show when giant-sized balloons fall from the ceiling in one scene and then in the next, Disney characters are dancing in the aisles.

“We’ve created an environment where audience members will be able to connect with the Disney stars,” said Alana Feld, Producer and Executive Vice President of Feld Entertainment. “Within each concert moment are elements of personal interaction and the audience will be harmonizing, dancing, laughing and having an outrageously good time with the characters.”

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival shows will take place between 22nd and 26th of April 2015, at Sala Palatului, as follows:

Wednsday, 22nd of April, 7 pm

Thursday, 23rd of April, 7 pm

Friday, 24th of April, 7 pm

Saturday, 25th of April, 11 am

Sunday, 26th of April, 11 am

The tickets are available in Diverta stores network, Muzica store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore or online, on  at the following price categories:

VIP Category  285 lei
1st Category    175 lei
2nd Category   153 lei
3rd Category   117 lei
4th Category     90 lei


* Children aged 12 years old included, benefit from reduced tickets, but their access into the venue will only be made accompanied by an adult, based on a valid official documentation which clearly shows the age of the child: birth certificate, student ID or passport.

VIP Category  285 lei
1st Category    140 lei
2nd Category   122 lei
3rd Category     93 lei
4th Category     75 lei

Children aged less than 2 years old, do not need a ticket, but they will need to make proof of the age.