About us

despreAn active player on the Romanian events market, Amphitrion stands out as one of the most enthusiastic local promoters, being truly distinctive through the unforgettable experiences offered to its public at all times.

Being visionary and creative about each and every event concept, the Amphitrion team always surprises its audience with the novelty and freshness of the projects which are not just simple events, but authentic live experiences where music is just one of the ingredients in an impressive blend of overwhelming sensations and emotions.

Ever since 2006, Amphitrion focused on astonishing and breathtaking shows, adding up a large variety of events to the portfolio: from concerts and dance shows to artistic figure skating demonstrations staring some of the most outstanding names in the field, Amphitrion quickly became a true leader in the industry. Amphitrion is built on a solid reputation both locally and far beyond the boundaries of the country as seen from its impressive portfolio which includes artists with multiple awards, World and Olympic champions, World Record holders and many others.